Jay Krishnan, Serial Entrepreneur et PDG de T-HUB : « T-HUB est le plus grand incubateur et accélérateur d’Inde »

Jay Krishnan, Serial Entrepreneur et PDG de T-HUB : « T-HUB est le plus grand incubateur et accélérateur d’Inde »
Senior Executive de niveau C avec plus de 15 années d’Experience B2B et de démarrage d'entreprises, », Jay Krishnan est le PDG de T-HUB (le plus grand incubateur et accélérateur d'Inde). C’est un serial Entrepreneur avec deux succès aux États-Unis et en Inde.

Jay Krishnan a travaillé sur d’importants contrats pour des clients mondiaux d’une valeur de plus de 50 M $. Il a fondé et accompagné le lancement avec succès de différents produits et services. Il a assuré le « Profit and Loss Statement » (P&L) de 10 Business Units d’une valeur de  100 millions de dollars dans des start-up et des multinationales pour des hauts dirigeants. Il a fait éclore plusieurs startups avec succès dans l’écosystème IoT à travers le monde, et a une forte expérience des grands environnements d'affaires.

Jay Krishnan a également une vaste expérience en gestion des produits, vente, marketing, ingénierie et R&D. Il a produit à plusieurs reprises des revenus soutenus et la croissance de l'EBITDA dans les startups et les grandes multinationales.

Which characteristics make your country a startup nation?
India ranks 2nd in the world with over 5000 startups being conceived every year. It has the largest growth rate of startups being registered, and has the world’s 2nd largest consumer market in the world. India’s startups are scaling at a phenomenal pace, and untapped market potential makes it the best place to invest and acquire new markets.
Which advises could you give to French startups wondering if they should expand to Hyderabad? How to prepare for acceleration there?
Today, French startups can access India through “T- Hub”, India’s largest startup Incubator-accelerator. T-hub is open to all, as long as basic criteria for each window are met. There is a market access program at the end of the accelerator, that allows for access to different markets and geographies through T- Hub’s unique platform.
With T-hub, we endeavour to build a booming start-up ecosystem thriving on the tightly-knit, most vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. Our goal is to build an ecosystem that not only caters to local entrepreneurs but also acts as a gateway for anyone who wants to start a tech company in India.
T- Hub, launched in October 2015, is a unique combination of the Telangana State government, in participation with the three top academic institutions of Hyderabad- ISB, IIIT and NALSAR. It stands at the intersection of the start-up, academic, corporate, research and government sectors.
The incubator today houses over 200 startups from different sectors across technology, while the second phase of T-hub, by 2018, will make possible to house five times more startups.
The mission of T-hub is to catalyse the creation of one of the tightest and most vibrant entrepreneur communities in the world, in order to encourage and fuel more start-up success stories in India. We are doing this in the following ways:
-          Attract the best start-ups and entrepreneur organizations from across the world to Hyderabad.
-          Work with an extensive network of partners to help entrepreneurs launch and scale innovative companies.
-          Equip innovators and organizations alike with the entrepreneurship skills required to succeed, using methodologies that transcend traditional learning.
-          Link, educate and promote all entrepreneurship-related stakeholders in Hyderabad and Telangana, including start-ups, investors, incubators and accelerators, research centres, startup resources etc in order to facilitate faster connections between talent, ideas and capital.


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Jay KRISHNAN interviendra en fin de matinée dans le cadre de La Grande Jonction vendredi 8 avril 2016 au H14, pour partager des modèles de réussite au service de la croissance et des territoires.

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