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9:30: grow the local digital economy

> Living labs, living fables?

Laura Garcia Vitoria - Vice-President and Scientific Director of the Foundation Territories of Tomorrow
> Innovative neighborhoods and social balance

Guy Nicholson - Chosen Hackney - London
> Digital events: a tool for growth

Stéphane Distinguin - Chairman of the cluster Cap Digital
Paris Herb Kim -President Thinking Digital
Gateshead Kitty Leering - Director of Picnic - Amsterdam
> Bringing investors, open up the possibilities

Vincent Pretet - Innovathlon - Bordeaux
1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.: The Grand Junction between business and the digital economy

> New marketings

Leveraging its visibility on the web and Sephora ConcoursMania
Boost the influx of visits to outlets Fayat Group Moonda Event
Increase its sales by 40% House Energy and Kaizen Marketing Group
Ensure the quality of its website and optimize its SEO and Temesis
> E-commerce

Office reinvent tourism services and tourism Garonne Valley GMT editions
"Mobile2shop" faders, generate in-store traffic by fidelity Mac Donalds and Snapp '
> New sources of productivity

25% reduction in maintenance costs through cloud Ceva Animal Health, Culture and Cheops Technology
Reduce the number of physical models with virtual reality EADS Astrium and Immersion
> Intelligence and Data

Exploiting decisive marketing information. Has the Internet, Mathieu Llorens
Detect cybersquatters Systonic Herve Berthou
Mulptiplier by its 226% conversion rate visitor / buyer and Maxicoffee Dolist
14h50-16h00: Workshops Q

16.30-17.30: Roundtable

> Inventing new prosperity

Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux with business leaders Bordeaux and Guy Nicholson - elected Councillor in Hackney - London S'inscrire

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