Brain candies, words picking

Brain candies, words picking
Maria Popova - Brain Pickings
Here in Bordeaux, Brain Pickings is much more popular than many other curation-based websites. It appeals to many members of the creative community, who often refer to it as a source of inspiration. We asked Maria Popova, the Brain behind the pickings, to answer two questions about her daily inspiration when it comes to BP.

DW : “Maria, how do you select your topics ? “

MP : I look for things that are both interesting and important – important in the most deeply human sense of containing a spark that illuminates some aspect of the great big mystery of life, because at the end of the day, all we're ever asking is why we're here and how to make the most of it in our brief blink of the cosmic eye.

DW :”The amount of contents is impressive, and encompasses various fields. How do you stumble upon all that ?”

MP : Brain Pickings is merely a record of my own becoming, as a person – intellectually, creatively,  spiritually. In all the things I write about, whether it's the work of a philosopher who's been dead for hundreds of years or the love letters of a celebrated artist or a significant breakthrough in neuroscience, I seek out those slivers of timeless wisdom that help answer, directly or indirectly, the grand question of how to live, and how to live well.

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